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Miss XS

Genre: Hard dance and trance
Location: Wolverhampton, England, UK
Email: missxs @ (remove spaces)
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Where have you perfomed?

Some of the best places i have played are Baby Passion, the smaller night of Passion, for up-and-coming DJs to get noticed. The Hotdog event at ISIS (Nottingham) where Anne Savage was meant to be playing but cancelled because she had a bigger gig at the NEC, so i got an extra slot - which was nice. I also got to the Serious DJs competition final. After waiting months I thought I hadn't made it then I had a call about the final (last 10 DJs).

Where would you like to perform?

Anywhere overseas. Frantic, Tidy events, Hard House Academy, Passion, Storm, Sundissential...

When and how did you first become interested in dance music?

I couldn't play sports anymore (knee injury) and didnt know what to do - my mate had decks and i thought it would be a good thing to get into so saved up for some decks and here I am.

Where was your first gig?

Ranbys - playing commercial dance and trance in a bar as resident for 3 months.

How did you join StoneFinger?

I was put in touch via someone who I emailed.

Apart from house and trance, what other types of music do you listen to?

I listen to all sorts from rock, pop to dnb, rnb and garage.

Who would you most want to play you in your biopic?

I'd rather do it myself so that i was portrayed right.

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