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Atlantis Saturdays

DJ History...
Aaron Hedges
Aaron Myers
Alex "LxG" Goncharov
dj Alexis J
Arthur Loves Plastic
Brian DePristo
Brian Moore
Campbell Tyler
Christine Moritz
DeeJay Clutch
Double 07
dj Gregory Scott
Jason Coile (Orechiettes)
Jean-Philippe Aviance
Joey Muniz
Jon Deke
John Tab [JT Flassh]
K-Yun (K-Lungz)
Ken Lazee
dj Kynz
dj Leni K
Malcolm Paul
Mojo Jones
Moody Moore
dj Picklejuice
Ryan Delma
Section 8
Shaft XXL
dj T.E.C.
Tim Jackson
Toby Roberts
Tozo Diogo
dj Twist

Some Images.....

July 7
Arthur Loves Plastic
more pictures
'Sperm Party'
Machine Heart Productions // Washington, DC //

February 26
dj Milo
more pictures
Matter // Filler // Blue Room DC

February 5
Shaft XXL
more pictures
Plate Techtoniks VA // Tsunami Tsundays

January 29
Peripheral Fission // SuperSecretSquirrels

Brian Moore
more pictures
CPU Productions // Peripheral Fission //

January 15
Arthur Loves Plastic
more pictures
'Love or Perish' CD Release Party
Machine Heart Productions // Washington, DC //

January 1
Malcolm Paul
more pictures
StoneFinger // Lincoln UK //

December 11
JT Flassh
more pictures // ALIAS // DC

What is Atlantis?

Atlantis is a lounge event featuring guest djs held every Saturday night at Japone (zha-po-ney), a funky, coral reef themed lounge tucked inside a fine Japanese restaurant in the heart of Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.
Washington Post on Atlantis

Entrance to Japone
2033 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20036


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